How do you make a horror film?

Seriously, how does anyone have a chance these days when every theme has been played out and cinematic special effects dominate the screen? It’s extremely difficult when most of the drama surrounding horror is created in post-production. There are some good horror flicks out there, and authentic post production technique does make it scary but predictable. I say less is more. I say let the audience draw their own conclusions. I believe the scariest things  we see are the scenarios  we see in our  mind.

In my first attempt at horror, I use long pauses of black. I use very little sound when needed to allow the mind to hang on anticipation. Apparitions is just as much a dark comedy as it is a horror. Let your mind decide and draw its own conclusion.

Apparitions- Trailer   (YouTube)
Apparitions- Trailer   (Vimeo)

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