New Contributing Writer and Artist Damion Ferrell

The Effexer Project is moving in a different direction. The site is branching out to work with other local artists and writers to bring new flavor to the cause. Damion Ferrell, another good friend of mine contributes many OP ED pieces to popular fan based sports websites such as PB Nation. Professional WWF wrestling happens to be a passion of Damion’s and he and I have recently collaborated in turning some of his projects into video presentations. Here is Damion in his own words:

I have always had a fascination with human stories and finding ways to capture our humanity. We all have an amazing story to tell, but a lot of times, not the voice or platform to share it. I’ve been writing for roughly five years but wanted to branch out to video to explore more concepts and presentation styles.

I have no experience with creating or editing videos. I wouldn’t be brash enough to think I can learn how to on my own, or at the least, learn enough to create the videos the way I would visualize them in my head. I knew I would need help, and thankfully The Effexer Project shares my vision, my style, my thinking.

Going to The Effexer Project wasn’t merely about finding someone you can work with content. It was about finding someone who could understand what Iwas seeing and wanting. The moment I saw his video “Eye Level”, I knew we would be able to create amazing work that could touch and affect viewers. I’m excited for what the year will bring. For the first time in a while, I have a renewed ambition and enthusiasm about my work. I can thank The Effexer Project for that.


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