How To Make A Villain : Studio Set Production

As a fan of Spoken Word poetry, I have long wanted to produce a video that fused its rhyme and rhythm with a cinematic style that added new dimensions to the source material. I approached friend Damion Ferrell of Meninty, whom I knew to be a talented writer of slam poetry, and then find an artist to perform his piece. When Damion told me that he wanted serve as both poet and artist, we were ready to go.

We produced “I Am The Villain” in multiple stages over a period of several months. The first part came easily—Meninty wrote a poem in a weeks’ time. We struggled with how to translate the poem into a visual style that would convey its message in a video format. We decided that the best approach would be to first focus on creating the audio track. Instead of relying on the lower quality in-camera audio, we enhanced our recording and laid down the sound on digital audio. The video was also a new venture for us that required the creation of our first set. We used studio lighting for mood enhancement and character creation. Feeling it was important to control the environment, we used several layers of black fabric to create the feeling of a professional background along with black out material which didn’t allow any light in from the outside. After completing our audio and video recording, the post production process went quickly and smoothly.

Though this process was stressful and time consuming, the end results were worth it. We believe that “I Am The Villain” is our most complete and professional work to date. More importantly, it represents a major step forward for Effexer Project. Through the process of making “I Am The Villain” we have gained the confidence to use stage lighting, set creation, digital audio and other advanced techniques to produce high-quality, professional videos.







One thought on “How To Make A Villain : Studio Set Production

  1. damionferrell says:

    Thanks for working with me on this project. For me, writing the poem was emotional and in some ways therapeutic, and I enjoyed the process we went through to create it. I think the final product will be great.

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