Atlanta Skyline

Atlanta is a dynamic city, with dozens of new office and residential towers under construction today. Though these new buildings will alter the appearance of the city, its skyline will still look largely the same tomorrow, next year, and next century. What changes each day is the environment—the weather, the activity, the people and their interactions.

Atlanta Skyline is an expression of how each minute of each day unfolds in chaos and motion against the unchanging background of the cityscape. Atlanta Skyline reveals the city in time lapse over the course of what appears to be one full day. In reality, it was shot over a period of several months, at different times of day and across multiple neighborhoods including Old Fourth Ward, Cabbagetown, West Midtown, and both Five Points and Little 5 Points. Sometimes people greeted me with curiosity and excitement, other times I had to grab my gear and sprint off in fear of life and limb.

The resulting imagery is beautiful, the city is astounding. The skyline of Atlanta may remain the same each day, but the perspective of the people who view it is always changing.

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