The Fork Shop

Anybody attempting to break into film, either as a hobby or a profession knows how difficult it can be. The industry is littered with strong, overwhelming, and often obnoxious personalities. Not to mention the ever changing technology and industry trends. It can be extremely daunting! A few months back, I was fortunate to get myself mixed up with an Indie Film Group called “The Fork Shop” headed by Stephen Blackmon. Stephen is an Indie professional in the Atlanta area who has created several short films and has networked with some big name artist.

Working with The Fork Shop has been a great experience and has allowed me to mix with actors, writers, camera and technical gurus of all types. Stephen’s whole Mantra is to produce a short film every time the group meets. His disarming nature allows people to come in and just try it out. At the beginning of every production, Stephen openly asks:

Who wants to act today?
Who wants to run the camera?
Who wants to work on lighting and audio?

This humble approach lets people who would normally struggle to break in to film be apart of a community that thrives on openness and diversity. Not every piece created at The Fork Shop will win the Sundance Film Festival. However, in a 2 hour session we have created some pretty stellar pieces. The networking that comes about from this environment is priceless and has been a great experience. Here is a recent short The Fork Shop Created. I was on the audio crew on this piece.




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